For over 70 years Prentice Products has provided premium OEM decals, fleet markings, retail and tradeshow graphics.

Even when we turn out the lights and go home at night, Prentice Products is still just a point and click away. Our online tools provide clients with 24-hour access to our services. From here you can request an estimate, place an order, transfer a file, or review a proof, all from the convenience of your office or home.

We want to make the process of doing business with Prentice as easy as possible. That was the whole point of building this Web site in the first place. Just select your destination from the provided links to get started.

"The Difference You Can See"

When we talk about The Difference You Can See®, we’re talking about more than just a commitment to visual quality.

Why Prentice Products is different from the competition

Simple--our approach. We’re not looking to just sell you decals or signs. We want to go beyond the immediate sale and instead be a true partner for your business by being a problem solver and graphics consultant. We have extensive experience in the printing field and apply that knowledge base to each customer, helping them find ways to cut costs or increase results. Our sales representatives are seasoned professionals who are there to help a customer at a moment’s notice. Our fully-equipped art department is adept at helping you design, plan and execute your idea.


Why we can save you time

We own one of the fastest printing press on the market, which in turn helps us greatly reduce pricing and turnaround times. That gives you better quality, at a better price, and within a timeframe that works for your business. We also offer large format digital printing which gives us the capability to print and laminate graphics up to 60" wide by virtually any length in a moments notice. It is not uncommon for us to turn a job around in 4 hours.

Why we can save you money

We operate a lean and efficient process and as such, our goal is to keep overhead costs to a minimum. To do that, we constantly strive to reduce our production and administrative costs to remain very competitive. In addition, we offer a wide range of capabilities, allowing you to have one-stop for all your printing needs. We can handle any job, virtually any size. In addition, we believe in rewarding strong customer relations with discounts on frequent orders. Throughout the process, we partner with our suppliers to find and then pass on cost savings. This is part of the difference that brings our customers back to us time and again.


Why we can save you quality problems

To ensure high quality, we invest in the highest quality materials and inks and hold our suppliers to a high standard. In addition, we have implemented quality checks at every step of our production process. As a final safeguard, the shipping department completes a thorough final inspection before packaging and shipping customer orders out the door. We take pride in our reputation and make every effort not to allow substandard parts to be shipped to our customers. Internally, we have a quality process based on ISO 9000:2001 which contains specific standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs are used to train our employees in the production process. We have built a repeatable process that will ensure a good quality product every time.

With every customer, every print job, Prentice Products makes a commitment to superior quality and service. That’s The Difference You Can See®.

The PRENTICE Mission

Our Mission is to provide outstanding, quality printed products to our OEM, Fleet, Retail and Trade Show clients, while practicing our core principles of honesty, trustworthiness and dependability.

Our priority will be forming true partnerships with our customers and suppliers, fostering everyone’s success.

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The History of PRENTICE

More than 70 years of entrepreneurial spirit has taken Prentice Products from a small business to a sizeable company offering products on a global basis. Our roots date back to 1938, when a man named Sol Prentice invested in a screen-printing business. He started the company in a garage and was soon successful enough to move the business to its current location at 4236 West Ferguson Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana (located across from Fort Wayne International Airport). Over the years, the ownership has changed hands a few times. In early 2001, the company was purchased by Jeff Jump, allowing Prentice Products to enter a new era of success.

For more than six decades, Prentice Products has been providing custom screen printed graphics to the business community throughout the United States and around the world. We have an established history in Fort Wayne and have built customer relationships lasting as long as we’ve been in existence. We’re proud of that longevity.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and we are certainly no different.  We have been serving our community and the rest of the world since the early 50's.  We have created such a great reputation by delivering quality products on time, its no wonder we have been able to stand the test of time!

Prentice Products is a full-service screen printing, digital printing and metal etching company providing innovative and premium OEM, fleet, retail and trade show graphic solutions.

As a company, we have committed our resources to advanced printing equipment, outstanding employees and ongoing training in a continual effort to bring our customers the best and brightest in image technology.

Take a look at our wide range of products and services, at the vast experience level of our team and at the unique commitment that makes Prentice Products a leader in a competitive industry.

Next Steps...

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