Products & Services

OEM Decals

For over 70 years, Prentice Products has provided premium OEM control panels, branding decals and safety/instructional markings to our international clients.

Our overlays and decals visually enhance your product, direct user interface and provide safety assurance. Prentice has great pride in successfully guiding companies like yours through the of the proper substrate, inks and adhesives that best suit your product application.

Below is a partial list of our custom products:

- Control Panels
- Graphic Overlays
- Dead Front Panels
- Keypads
- Safety Decals
- Caution/Warning Markings
- Metal Photo Products
- Metal Nameplates & Signs
- Metal Serialized Labels & Tags
- Metal UID Products s
- Product Barcodes
- Pressure Sensitive
- Calibration Labels
- Service Contract Labels
- Pre-Spaced Decals & Letters
- Tamper Proof Labels
- Flourescent Decals
- Iridescent Labels
- Battery Labels
- Toy Vehicle Decals
... and so much more